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More energy

My experience at Harmony Acupuncture has been amazing. Amanda Nolff is a skilled acupuncturist and herbalist who demonstrates genuine care and concern for her patients. She has gone above and beyond any of my expectations.

Amanda’s quiet and gentle approach put you at ease the moment you meet her and each session has been a very calm and relaxing experience. I am noticing positive changes in my body, such as deeper and more restful sleep, an adjustment to my body’s thermostat (not so hot anymore), and I am even beginning to notice that my hearing is improving. I more energy to do things I was too tired to do before! I have only had 4 sessions so far and I am anticipating more improvements as I continue treatments.

I would definitely recommend Amanda to anyone who is seeking better health. Her patients are her top priority. Fees are very reasonable and Amanda is always willing to work out a payment plan if needed.
Adrianne – Indian Trail, NC

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