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Healing powers

First off let me say that I would highly recommend Amanda and Harmony Acupuncture to anyone and everyone that is looking for a holistic approach to Healthcare. I’ve had a delightful experience on all occasions that I have been treated by Amanda and the best part is that each visit I felt relief and by the time the treatments were complete I felt totally cured of my ailment.

The thing that I like most about the way Amanda practices her healing art is that she focuses on the root cause of the problem/illness and is adamant about providing a permanent cure. Thus, not only have I experienced relief almost immediately but always at the end of treatments total relief.

The areas that I have personal experienced Amanda’s tremendous healing powers are:

Back Pain- I strained my lower back playing golf on a Saturday. Went to see her on the following Monday in a lot of pain and with very limited range of motion without feeling severe pain. Four treatments later (Monday, through Thursday) I was completely pain free with full range of motion and felt like nothing had ever happened to my back.

Knee pain- I have had both knees operated on and I’m missing things in both knees. I hurt my right knee walking down some stairs when my shoe gave way over the edge of one of the steps. After one treatment I had no pain and felt like nothing had ever happen to that knee.

Diverticulitis- I’ve had this disease for over a decade. I would have one to two attacks a year. I would feel it coming on, go to my MD, he would give me the same prescription each time, I would take the pills until they ran out and it would go away. Then it would come back in about 6 to 8 months and the cycle would continue. I was talking to Amanda about it during one of my visits and she suggested that I try some herbs the next time I felt it coming on (this had to be done immediately when I felt it coming on). So the next time I felt it coming on I went and saw Amanda, tried her prescription of Herbs and it worked better than the MD’s prescription and it’s been over a year now without another attack.
Mark — Weddington, NC

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